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Interações iniciais com um jogo eletrônico na educação a distância: a percepção dos cursistas

Bruna S. Anastacio, Daniela K. Ramos

The use of technology in education can help to expand the possibilities in the construction of knowledge. Among the many alternatives we highlight the electronic games because are an entertaining alternative to creating experiences that result in learning. This study aims to investigate the use of an electronic game with adults in the education distance, identifying their contributions to learning from the perception of the course participants about the electronic game "Saga dos Conselhos". The game consists in the combination of mini games that allow players to achieve goals towards inicialization and strengthening the school councils. The game was developed with the primary purpose of reviewing the contents studied throughout the course. The research had exploratory and qualitative approach, using the first interaction with the game that happened at the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina during presencial meeting scheduled in the course. The metodology consisted in the observation and in the conduct semi-structured interviews with 15 course participants. The results show that in the perception of the course participants, the inclusion of the game in the course was characterized as a differentiated experience, where they could learn through play. The dialogue with the course participants showed that the narrative and the setting of the game allowed the identification of teacher students with characters and school subjects. Overall, the course participants agree that we can learn from the interaction with the electronic game and it is more fun.

jogos eletrônicos, educação a distância, aprendizagem.

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