Simpósio Latino-Americano de Jogos

Um Sistema de Simulação Dinâmica de Direção: Construindo rotas e cenários com dados reais

Carlos H. da Costa, André T. da Silva, Marcelo da S. Hounsell

A driving simulator is a software that aims to replicate the experience of a driver exploring a given scenario (streets, racetracks, etc.). It could be observed from the literature that there are several driving simulators which use synthesized 3D scenes or reproduce scenes previously captured with special devices to compose paths and 3D cities. There are also, applications on the Internet that allow people to consult maps and real scenarios but, no studies were found that use maps and actual appearances to compose simulators´ scenarios on the fly. In other words, there is no simulator that uses geo-referenced maps of a city, built on demand and enriched with photorealistic appearance routes. This study presents the development of S²D², a 3D driving simulator that incorporates rides on maps of actual cities gathered from the internet with its compatible appearance (facades, also gathered from the internet). The simulator implemented in this research aimed to do all of that. It could be concluded that it is no trivial task to achieve a suitable scenario and immersion. The lack of control on the feature of the set of images greatly compromise visual continuity and realism of the simulator.

realidade virtual, simuladores de direção, computação gráfica, georeferenciação.

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