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Virtual Human Deformation: A Systematic Literature Mapping

Gabriel C. Silva, Mateus S. Tavares, André T. da Silva, Marcelo da S. Hounsell

In computer graphics, deformations are used to change the appearance of an object, regardless if it is 2D or 3D. These deformations can be applied in many areas, such as games, entertainment, health, education, fashion, textile industry, and so on. This paper presents a literature mapping on 3D human whole body deformations. It aims to identify techniques and procedures applied in the deformation of Virtual Humans oriented by physiological aspects, such as growth or weight-gain that impact Body Image – the study on how a person sees his own body. The search was performed in ACM Digital Library, IEEE Xplore, Engineering Village and Scopus. Altogether, 7279 documents were obtained but only 11 papers met inclusion and exclusion criteria. Data show that few researches provide model deformation based on physiological laws and that available techniques are focused on mathematical issues or interactions.

Técnicas de deformação, Humanos Virtuais, Computação Gráfica.

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